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Need help with roller skates?

im looking for a good pair of roller skates but the thing is i dont know any thing about them and iv never roller skated before. so if some one could suggest a brand of skates for a beginer or a web site to use. and maybe some tips of what to llok for for a outdoor roller skate. plez help

Need help with roller skates?
I have a small shop in my local town and I sell skates.

I carry Riedell and Surgrip. If you%26#039;re looking for a high boot skate you can get a good starter pair for around 75-110.00

I prefer the low boot style so my opinon is bias.

If you have wide feet the surgrip boxer is a great option. Most places sell it for 99.99 Connieskateplace.com is a great company and also sincityskates.com is a good site too.

Both women own and operated.

If you have average to narrow feet the Riedell R3 is a great skate. I prefer it a bit over the boxer even though they are similar in price and quality. The plates are bolted in not rivited like the boxer

You can pull out the rivits in the Boxer and replace them with bolts to make them last longer.

If you need help go to your local hardware store they can help you.

The best outdoor wheels in my opinion are Kryptonics 70

they are wide and sticky they will go ever anything and I mean anything. I have yet to hit a rock and have it effect my skating.

But hyper has a good outdoor wheel called energy and surgrip has a 62 version of the kryptonics. The numbers refer to the size of the wheels.

The bearings for outdoor should be grease not oil. Better for dirt and such.Bearings are usually Abec 3-9 Start with the cheaper bearings For your needs you do not need to anything fancy or expensive.Meaning Abec 3 grease.

Wheels come without bearings. However try and get the outdoor wheels as part of your purchase and you will not have to worry about it. Or you can order outdoors seperate and keep them handy so you can easily switch back and forth.

fastgirlskates.com is another great site to visit.

I went to a rink and I just got charge a bunch for stuff that did not work out to well. Not that all rinks are the same but all the sites I listed are owned by skaters too.

Good luck and welcome to your new addiction. Skating is sooo much fun!

If your 18 you should look into Roller Derby you will love love it.


Reply:Checking up last year%26#039;s models is a good way to pay less for a quality pair of roller skates. For the brands, there are many good ones out there; Rollerblade, K2, Salomon, etc...
Reply:You should be able to go to any rollerrink and speak withsomeone..if not you can always check out SinCity Skates or Connie%26#039;s Skate Place..both of these places should be able to help you find just waht you are looking for and you can find both online by doing a Google search. They have trained professionals that can answer these questions for you. You%26#039;ll need find several things:

1. the type of boot you want..(the shoe part)

2. you need to figure out what kind of %26quot;trucks%26quot; and plate will give you best mobility

3. Wheels..outdoorwheels tend to be a bit softer so you don%26#039;t wipe out on a rock

4. your bearings these are what actually turn the wheels for you.

hope this helps.


Jackson vs. Riedell ice skates?

I%26#039;m going to start ice skating lessons this winter and I really want to get into the sport (I dont know how much I can for starting at age 13)

1. I%26#039;m wondering how much Johnson-Ultima skates usually cost and which ones are best for beginners, they don%26#039;t say the prices on the website. I don%26#039;t want to spend a lot of money since I%26#039;m just starting. If anyone could tell me the best type of Jackson skates that aren%26#039;t too expensive, but are a good quality for beginners.

2. Also, I%26#039;m also considering buying Riedell skates. I%26#039;m looking at the Blue Ribbon 121 or the Red Ribbon 117. Which one out of those two models do you think are better?

3. Lastly, what do you think of Riedell vs. Jackson. I have normal width foot and am about a size 8 in regular shoes.

Jackson vs. Riedell ice skates?
I would suggest going to a skating pro shop and being fitted for skates. They should be able to help you try on skates, and fit you with the right pair. A decent pair of beginner skates in any brand will cost about $100-$150.

In the Jackson brand I would suggest beginning with a pair of Artiste or Classique skates. I%26#039;ve found that I typically like Riedell skates better because Riedell%26#039;s have been better quality overall for me, and they are more comfortable for me than Jackson skates, but because every person%26#039;s feet are different everybody likes a different brand of skates. If you choose to go with Riedell%26#039;s skates I would suggest going with the Blue Ribbon, it%26#039;s just a little bit better skate, but won%26#039;t be too stiff for the beginner. Good luck!
Reply:NEITHER! Try S.P Terri zero gravity skates! They cost around $ 1,000. But It%26#039;s worth it!! It doesn%26#039;t even hurt when I am breaking them In!! ( Ive been skating for 9 years and I am 12. )
Reply:Um, not a fan of Johnson=Ultima, however for beginners they might be good! I wouldn%26#039;t get a super expensive pair probably aim for around 200$ tops.

I don%26#039;t like Riedell%26#039;s either. I%26#039;ve been skating with Jackson%26#039;s for 15 years and I love them! Riedell%26#039;s seem to be very narrow where Jackson%26#039;s offer a bit more room!

Hope that helps!!
Reply:There really isn%26#039;t one right answer about which boot is better. as a rule, reidells are very narrow and so the sizing can be a little off. i used reidells for 2 and a half years, then just recently switched to jackons after a disaster with my reidells fitting HORRIBLY. i LOVE my jacksons. however, i can%26#039;t deny that reidells were great for me as a beginner, so i would say your best bet is to go to a pro shop, get measured and get a recommendation

also, dont worry about being too old. i started when i was almost 12, which is on the old end for a serious skater and i am on axel. i have a friend who started at 15 who is now on double loop
Reply:jackson. i prefer jackson. jackson artiste are about $100 which are a GREAT! price, they shud last u till about ur lutz or axel. i have jackson freestyle, they cost me almost $300. alot of my friends have the artiste! theyre great!
Reply:Honestly, if you can go to a boot fitter (some rinks have them on-site, and other locations you can find in a phone book) that would probably be the best option. They can give you the pros and cons of each boot and tell you how to get the most bang for your buck.

I%26#039;ve never tried Jackson, but I grew up in Reidell skates. Unfortunately, I have fairly wide feet, so they caused my feet to cramp pretty painfully (I%26#039;ve since moved to SP-Teri skates and am quite happy). Overall, it depends on your foot and what feels best to you. If you can, you should definitely try one of each on to determine what fits best.

Another option would be to buy a used pair of skates. I did this up until I started landing doubles and needed more support. This will save you on money, and a lot of kids your age end up outgrowing their boots and having to get rid of them before they%26#039;re broken down, so that might be a good, cheap option for you.

Lastly, you can certainly get into the sport at the age of 13. Johnny Weir didn%26#039;t start skating until he was 12 and he%26#039;s won a few national championships and gone to the Olympics. Anything%26#039;s possible (of course, I suspect he had a lot of natural talent and parents who were willing to fork over loads of money to get him there). I started skating at age 7, but I didn%26#039;t get very serious until I was 13, and I only started USFS testing when I was 14. I%26#039;m 23 now and working on senior moves and novice freestyles (and I%26#039;ve quit in between, as well), so I%26#039;m still having fun with it.

Enjoy it and good luck finding a good pair of boots!

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I need help with skates?

well ive been thinking about skating at a near by ramp but am not sure of what type of skates i should buy. i know it cant have breaks ive been thinking about inline skates but i wanted to know how well they work. i mean, they ned to work for the money they cost. i need help locating the right type of skates. if you know of any sites or chain stores found often plz send as answer. thanks!!

I need help with skates?
cool keep aaskin people to help with skates.
Reply:Well to tell you the truth I play hockey now but when I was going on ramps in skates i remembered that inline skates worked the best. Its what I used to skate with and they worked really well.

BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT... Make sure you choose a good company brand name dont just go oh these are cheap look cool. Because trust me those will not I REPEAT WILL NOT HOLD OUT FOR VERY LONG!!!!

Sooo just given you a word of advise but also choose a inline skate that feels comfortable and is made by a good company brand name I dont know who makes them now and days but you can probably figure it out.

I suggest stores like REI, Big 5 sporting goods, or beachinlineskates.com


Hey we are rollerblading and i dont know which to pick inline skates or regular skates because?

because i dont know what they look like. the one i want is the straight one since i know how to rollerblade . i dont want the 2 2 roller skates . u know the 2 wheels side by side , thats the one i DONT want . I want the 4 wheels straight like in ice skating the blade is all straight ? u got the picture so now we are going roller blading on valentines day for school activity . and i have to rent whether in-line skates or regular skates . we will get the skates when we get there (the place where we will go rollerblade) and we have to pay $4 for in-line skates and $2 for regular skates. so is the straight one the in-line skates or the regular skates?????

Hey we are rollerblading and i dont know which to pick inline skates or regular skates because?
Rollerblades are a brand of inline skates where all 4 wheels are in a row. Quads are the old style of roller skates with two wheels in front and two in back forming a square.

I hope that helps.


The tounge of my skates came out when i was taking my skates off. Their just a couple of months old and the?

other skates is showing signs its about to do the same. are they defective, is this common with new skates? the skates are easton 800

The tounge of my skates came out when i was taking my skates off. Their just a couple of months old and the?
that%26#039;s some sh!t man. my old man still uses the same skates he whore in high school and their fine, there%26#039;s no reason your skates should be breaking already. go to the store where you bought them and see if they can help you. i doubt they%26#039;ll be able to give you much in store help but they might know how to get in touch with easton. try easton.com they might have a way to email or call them. good luck man.
Reply:That would be a manufacturing defect. Easton has a warranty, contact them.
Reply:Let me guess. They%26#039;re made in China right?
Reply:Contact Easton


Ice Skates??

I have enough money and I would like to get my own pair of skates. But where is the best place? They have skates at Dick%26#039;s Sporting Goods, but then I heard that sporting goods aren%26#039;t the best place to buy skates and that it is best to go to a skating store. But I don%26#039;t know about any Skating stores that is around where I live but since I%26#039;m a beginner could I just buy it from a sporting goods store?

Ice Skates??
i play ice hockey. And i know for a fact that when it comes to skates, you get what you pay for. Your best bet would be a hockey store. But if none are around you might find a decent pair at *****, since your a beginner. If you buy a pair I would recommend Nike Bauer, or Easton%26#039;s. And make sure to get them professionally sharpened, an ice skate sharpening is a lot more complicated than you think.
Reply:It all really depends on what kind of skating you%26#039;re doing. If you just want skates to go a few times a year with the family, the skates at Dick%26#039;s are fine....they%26#039;re recreational skates. If you want better quality skates and plan to take lessons, stay away from the chain stores and go to a skate shop in your area. There they will have better quality skate/blade sets and all accessories you need. They will also be able to properly fit you for the skates and recommend a brand and model. :)
Reply:Did you want hockey or figure skates?

I only know about figure skates.

The link below has a list of figure skating vendors and dealers. Perhaps you could call one of them and find if there is a dealer in your area. Some dealers may not have store fronts but run their business from their house.

It%26#039;s best to have a professional boot fitter fit you with a pair of skates. Sporting good stores are usually not your best choice because they just don%26#039;t know enough about the sport of figure skating. You may want to visit your local figure skating club they should have local skate representatives you can contact . Good brands of skates are Riedell%26#039;s, Jacksons, Graf%26#039;s, Harlick%26#039;s, SP Teri%26#039;s and Klingbeil%26#039;s to name a few.

If your feet have stopped growing and you think you%26#039;ll be skating for years and or want to take lessons one day or you are. I would invest in a good pair of skates. Expect to spend $300+ for boots and blades, on a good pair of skates, the blades are separate.

If all you want is goofing around skates, I would not spend more the $75 but not less then $50 and Dick%26#039;s may have what you are looking for.

Have a expert sharpen you blades if your going to buy a nice pair of boots and blades. Visit your local figure skating club and I%26#039;m sure they will have information on a professional sharpener in your area. Skates should be sharpen every 20 hours of use or sooner if they are nicked up. Make sure to buy skate guards and soaker to protect your blades. Expect to pay $10-$20 on sharpenings.

It%26#039;s good to check with your local arena and see if they teach USFS or ISI, either one is good. USFS now also geared for recreational as well as competitive.
Reply:The best place to get skates is where your skating club recommends for you to buy skates. If you haven%26#039;t joined a skating club yet, look up the USFSA or ISI depending wish association you wish to join online. USFSA is the competitive route and ISI is more the recreational route (they have weird program requirements). If you want to try to make it to Senior Nationals one day, you%26#039;ll want to join the USFSA. USFSA %26#039;s site is http://www.usfigureskating.org and ISI is http://www.skateisi.com/ Both of these organizations can tell you where there are arenas that have clubs that are run under their associations. Then you need to go visit the club and talk with the Ice Captain or Skating Director of the club to ask them where would be the best place to buy skates for your feet. Make sure you get the right type of skate for your feet. NOT all feet are equal. For instance I have narrow heels and wide balled feet and am flat footed. I%26#039;m in a Jackson boot and have orthotics made special for my skate boots. Do get the right skate level for your ability and weight. Tell the skate fitter your skating abilty as it is now and your weight and age. This will help the skate fitter to determine the right skate for your level.
Reply:If you are a beginner I would suggest you wait until your lessons start then ask your instructor as to what sort of skates to get. They may even have a skate shop at your rink as mine does. At very least they should be able to suggest somewhere that sells good skates.

I broke all rules and got mine second/ hand off ebay but then I couldn%26#039;t stand rink skates anymore. I got lucky as mine fitted ok but it was only for recreational skating anyhow. If you want to do serious skating eg tests and competitions you%26#039;re best getting advice on what type to get for your level
Reply:Go to the ProShop at your local rink and they will set you up with a pair of beginner freestyle skates, most likely Reidell (thats what I started with).

Depending on how much money you want to spend you can also buy boots and blades separate. This is much more expensive and more useful once you have been skating for a while.


Figure skating to hockey skates?

I%26#039;ve been skating with figure skates for quite some time but my parents have noticed I have all the foot work of a hockey player and I%26#039;m too aggressive to be a figure skater, and my parents said I%26#039;d be a very good hockey player and I tried skating in hockey skates and I fell a bunch of times. Should I keep trying? I really want to make it onto the hockey team next fall, if so I can practice in another rink further away from my town thats open all summer (which mine isn%26#039;t)

Figure skating to hockey skates?
Yes, practice ,practice ,practice and you will become very a very good skater! When you do practice ,skate with your hockey stick so you can learn how to handle it ,and even when your not on the ice play with your hockey stick and a ball so you can get better at puck handeling . It will all matter in the long run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:if you want to switch to hockey go for it! I know someone who switched to hockey and it worked out.
Reply:I suppose you could. The main thing to remember is that there%26#039;s no toe pick and that you work on a team. Hockey is a lot more rough than ice-skating so be prepared to get checked and pushed around. Also, since there is no toe-pick, I%26#039;ve noticed that many hockey players tend to lean on the back%26#039;s of their skates more that the fronts. However, don%26#039;t lean too far! Usually, hockey skates are rounded on both ends. With a lot of practice, I think you can do it! Good luck!
Reply:Absolutely yes. It will take some hours of practice to make the transition from figure to hockey skating since the boot and blades are different.

I don%26#039;t know how long you have been figure skating, but everyone develops %26quot;muscle memory%26quot; over time. To transition to hockey skates, you will have to develop new habits and a new %26quot;muscle memory%26quot; for hockey. It will take time and %26quot;mileage%26quot; around the rink toskate as well on hockey skates as you do on figure skates but can most certainly be done.

I used to coach basic skating skills and learned to skate on hockey skates when I was given hockey group lessons to teach. I took a good number of falls, but that%26#039;s part of the game. Don%26#039;t get discouraged. Good luck!